Holidays and Traditions

Learning about Hungarian holidays and traditions is a wonderful way to honor your heritage. You may even discover some sweet traditions you would like to revive and incorporate within your family.

Recent Posts

The Bell of Jásztelek

If you are a part of our Hungarian Living Genealogy Group on Facebook, you might remember when Laszlo (Les) Josa went to see the bell while it was in Louisiana in an antique shop. Here is what he wrote from that day in early February 2022:

Language Learning Podcast Episode Roundup!

Learning any new language is so rewarding, but it can be challenging. In this post, we present all of the podcast episodes that we’ve created about learning Hungarian for the Hungarian Living Podcast podcast. Some of these tips are relevant for any language you’re interested in learning!

Aliens, Appalachian, and Americans

The two largest ethnic groups that migrated to the Appalachian South were Hungarians and Italians.  Practically every coal mining county in southern Appalachia contained immigrants from both Hungary and Italy.  These immigrants generally lived in coal camps constructed by operators, some of whom were immigrants themselves, to house workers enticed to the Mountain South to mine coal. 

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