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It’s not easy to learn Hungarian! We have gathered resources and ideas to help but get started because it doesn’t get easier the longer you wait.

Hungarian Christmas Carol Project

Hungarian Christmas Carol Project

I suspect there are many aging Hungarian speakers in the US either homebound, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. I would like to encourage you to get 3 or more people together who enjoy singing (they don’t even have to be Hungarian) consider learning and singing a few Hungarian Christmas carols this Christmas season for people who might truly appreciate them.

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Aliens, Appalachian, and Americans

The two largest ethnic groups that migrated to the Appalachian South were Hungarians and Italians.  Practically every coal mining county in southern Appalachia contained immigrants from both Hungary and Italy.  These immigrants generally lived in coal camps constructed by operators, some of whom were immigrants themselves, to house workers enticed to the Mountain South to mine coal. 

Genealogy Episode Roundup!

A frequent topic at Hungarian Living is genealogy research, especially since we have spent so much time working on it ourselves. Below, we compiled a list of all genealogy episodes of the Hungarian Living Podcast.

Traditional Hungarian Dress

I was poking around on Instagram a while back and noticed these stunning photos from a variety of Hungarian folk regions. I reached out to Marcsi and we had a delightful conversation about her heritage and the work she does. Posted here is just a snippet of her thoughts on these few photos, but there are many, many more photos on Instagram, each with interesting commentary.

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