Hungarian Genealogy Series
October 8, 2020
Categories: Genealogy Thoughts

Sometimes important clues are found in old letters!

Researching Hungarian genealogy may have a lot twists and turns, but progress can be made!

We are working on additional ways to serve you in the area of genealogy. We will be updating our offerings in Spring 2022!

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About Laszlo (Les) Josa:

Laszlo has spent 30 years and countless hours researching his ancestors and has discovered quite a few surprises! Laszlo was born in Balatonalmadi, Veszprem, Hungary in 1944 and left Hungary when he was 7 months old with his sister and parents on March 30th, which was Good Friday. Laszlo and his family ended up in Passau, Germany, on April 9th and stayed in a refugee camp for six years. Then Laszlo, his four siblings, and his parents arrive in the U.S. in September 1951 when he was 7 years old. Laszlo grew up speaking Hungarian and knows his way around the resources!

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