Hungarian Soups
January 21, 2020

Gulyás: A Hungarian Staple

Hungarian soups are very diverse! An authentic Gulyás is cooked outside over a fire. Blessings from the farm and garden will bring Csirkeleves, Húsleves, Zöldbableves, and Sárgabableves to the table. A delightful and sweet treat, Hideg Meggyleves, is best with fresh morello cherries.

The other day I had some soup bones I needed to use up and so I decided to make Hungarian soup. The Hungarians make many different soups so to call this one item ‘Hungarian soup’ is kind of crazy but that is what it affectionately came to be known as in my family when I was growing up. Naturally, I was thinking about all the tips and tricks my mom would mention as she was cooking the soup and I tried to execute it in a similar fashion. I thought it tasted pretty good but my kids like heartier, thicker soups. They weren’t quite sure what to do with the whole carrots and potatoes and it wasn’t as satisfying to them because I used cerna teszta (thread noodles) and the broth was clear. I didn’t even bother to mention we used to fight over who would “win” the marrow and get to spread it on a piece of hearty rye bread with salt sprinkled on top!

There are times when something that is meaningful to you isn’t as meaningful to someone else. I don’t think it diminishes the value, but it does make it harder to create or enjoy something when others don’t really appreciate the effort. And yet it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t make the effort. Each generation comes up with new traditions and experiences and while it is great to embrace the new, it is important to keep connected with previous generations as well. It is a difficult balance. Sometimes things that are “boring” to your kids are picked up by the grandchildren. Keep trying!

We called this “Hungarian Soup” at our house. It was a Sunday staple!

Now that I have grandchildren, I will start them on this soup when they are young so they are used to it and grow to love it as much as I do! I am sure I will also make the heartier version my kids like but I will also add in sárgabableves (yellow bean soup)–because Hannah fell in love with it at Hungarian camp and I had forgotten all about it!

Jó étvágyat! Good Eating!

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