Hungarian Themed Phrases
February 1, 2020

Do you have friends or family who would be sweetly surprised if you made an effort to learn something in Hungarian? Even though Hungarian is a tricky language, you can learn a few phrases and surprise your family or a special friend. You don’t even have to be Hungarian to have fun with these folk art valentines!

Below there are a few greetings…appropriate for any time but inspired by Valentine’s Day ~ Bálint napot.

Some fun phrases for you!

Boldog bálint napot! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Szeretlek! I Love You!

Legyél az enyém! Be Mine!

Te vagy a legjobb! You are the best!

Szívtől szívnek! From my heart!

Te egy gyémánt vagy! You are a treasure!

Köszönöm hogy a barátom vagy! Thank you for being my friend!

Jézus szeret! Jesus Loves You!

Isten szeret! God Loves You!

For more Hungarian valentine day ideas, CLICK HERE!

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