A Survey of Hungarian Folk Music
February 27, 2024
Hungarian Living
Hungarian Living
A Survey of Hungarian Folk Music

Hello! It’s Liz and today on the podcast we are going to talk about our upcoming Survey of Hungarian Folk Music class, stay tuned!

Check out our full list on upcoming online classes HERE!

We are super excited about our A Survey of Hungarian Folk Music class offered through The Hungarian Store and it starts on March 4th so hurry up and get registered so you can be a part of the fun. Here is the link to register.

Zina and I have been discussing a class like this for the last couple of years and, finally, the time has come.

We’ll cover the cultural regions of the Hungarian language area (in Hungary, Romania, and neighbouring countries), the folk singing oral tradition in village life, the world-famous Hungarian folk music revival movement, and the traditional musical instruments.

Get ready to dive into Hungarian folk music in these fun, interactive classes, which will include maps, photos, recordings, videos, loads of information! We’ll also learn to sing a folk song from scratch: where it’s from, how to pronounce the words and what they mean, and how to sing the song beautifully and stylistically.

This class is held in English and open to participants of all cultural, linguistic, and musical backgrounds, with no previous experience required. You don’t even have to have Hungarian ancestry to appreciate this class!

If you do already know some folk songs, this is sure to deepen your understanding of their origins and context, and give you resources for learning more. Participants will receive ethnographic maps, a detailed pronunciation guide, song words, and song recordings for future reference.

Classes will be on Mondays in March 10-11:15am, Eastern time — class meets on March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th. Here is the link to register.

And now, let’s talk a bit about Zina. I have taken several classes with Zina and I love her teaching style. Even if you know absolutely nothing about Hungarian folk music, you won’t feel out of place. The goal of this class is to help you learn all about it. And, maybe, you will be curious enough to learn more!

Zina lives in Budapest and has quite a bit of experience, her full biographical information is in the class details at our website but for now, let me say that she holds a Masters degree in Music Composition, and has the highest level of accreditation as an Advanced Hungarian Folk Singing Educator through the Hungarian government. 

Here is the link to register.

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