Getting Started with Genealogy Part 1
July 1, 2022
Hungarian Living
Hungarian Living
Getting Started with Genealogy Part 1

Episode 50

Today is Part I of the icipici series of the Hungarian Living Podcast on Getting Started with Genealogy.

There will be several icipici assignments relating to genealogy and, if you take a few moments to write down the answers, when all are done, you will have laid some important groundwork for your genealogy research. You will have documented what you already know, and you will also have a better sense of what might be good to know.

Whether or not you are into genealogy, there are some things you should write down for other generations. If you don’t have kids or siblings, it is still important. Why? Because you probably have first, second, or third cousins or other family members who may need or want the information, they just don’t know it yet. And, let me tell you, no one knows your own family details like you do! But, even if there is no one else in your family to share the information with, your story is important!

If you aren’t much into this kind of stuff, don’t worry, there will be more icipici podcasts on other topics!

So, for now, find a notebook or start a document on your computer and answer the questions. And you might consider inviting a family member along on this journey. You can encourage each other to answer the questions and share it with one another. And the best news is that this is not limited to Hungarian heritage. The questions here apply to anyone who wants to get a start on recording more about their family details.

What is your full name?

What are your parents’ full names?

If you have siblings, what are their full names?

If you have children, what are their full names?

If you have a spouse, what is their full name?

And that is it for today. See? This isn’t necessarily too complicated. It’s a start. And now that you have started, keep listening for the next assignments.

Keep this notebook or document handy because we will be adding to it in upcoming episodes. It is ok if you don’t know every answer to every question, write down what you do know and figure out who knows the other answers, ask them, and then write them down. All this information will give you a head start when you, or someone else, starts looking around for family information. This is a great cooperative project. Invite others in your family to listen and make their contribution.

If you are a pro at genealogy and already have this information written down, Woohoo! Give yourself a high five!

Be sure to check out The Hungarian Store for more resources as you explore your Hungarian heritage!

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