King Matthias’ Willow Branch
April 9, 2021
Hungarian Living
Hungarian Living
King Matthias' Willow Branch

In this episode of the Hungarian Living podcast I read a Hungarian folk tale that my mom translated into English. She loved writing, especially for children. She really wanted to publish a book of Hungarian folk tales translated into English and was working on it in the 1960’s.

I am compiling these in honor of my mom and as a treasure to give my brothers and their children as well as my children and grandchildren. It’s an exciting project!

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asting Hungarian food, Hearing Hungarian language, learning about Hungarian history or seeing Hungarian folkart patterns can spark curiosity and questions about heritage. You don’t have to know any of these things perfectly yourself to encourage others! When you share something that interests you, your excitement might draw others in. And from there you might find that it leads to an interest and from there you might find that someone becomes enthusiastic about discovering more.

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