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February 9, 2024
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Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling Workshop: Recording your family’s story for future generations

How can we share our treasured memories with future generations?

Hi, it’s Liz and today we are talking about our upcoming storytelling workshop: recording family memories for the next generation.

You have the memories all sitting in your mind. Sometimes you speak them aloud and sometimes you don’t. But, whether you want to believe it or not, there will come a day when you will unable to speak your family stories. Let’s preserve the most important ones so they are available to family members for generations. — This is the goal for the storytelling workshop.

Do you ever wish you could find out more about the elder members of your family but anyone who knew them is already gone? It’s a big challenge. You may not be able to solve your curiosity but you can gather the stories you know about your family and get them recorded so other generations can look to your words for wisdom and insight into their family members.

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I have a theory that in every generation there is or will be at least one person who is excited about genealogy and family history. Who is that person in your family?

To start, you might wonder what I mean by family. When I think about family in terms of this project, I think of a wider group of people than just one’s parents or children. I think of grandparents and cousins. So starting with at least your grandparents, who all is in your family line? Do you remember special aunts and uncles who passed away long before the youngest generation was born? Have you written anything down about them? Have you shared any stories about them? Do you know anyone else who knew them?

This is especially important if you are the oldest member of your family. The oldest living sibling in the family often has the most information. If you are an only child but you have cousins,  you might know information about your grandparents, your cousins and their parents that other members of the family do not know. Are you willing to take the time to help family members gain a little insight about the person behind the name and date on a genealogy chart?

Join us for this two-day workshop where will work on the important stories we want to share!

Don’t let your important family memories disappear when you leave this earth. 

You have all the stories, but they don’t seem to make their way to paper. This workshop will get you thinking about the important memories you want to share and the technique that suits you best for sharing. You’ll zero in on a few stories and get them recorded. Be ready for tips, encouragement, and fun. And be ready to start sharing the stories.

So, if you are tired of seeing a bunch of names and dates when you do genealogy this workshop will get things started as you share your family’s story in small snippets that will add up to be an invaluable resource for all the generations as they learn about their family line.

How do we preserve important family stories for future generations? We record them — on pen and paper, on our phones, via video — there are several ways to do it. You will discover which feels most comfortable to you and get to work. We’ll decide on our top stories we want to share and gain confidence in sharing our stories as well as plan how to do it.

This online workshop will meet on two Saturdays:
Saturday, April 13th

AND Saturday, April 20th at 2pm, Eastern time (please adjust for your time zone)

All the details are in the show notes but you can visit and look under the online classes area just be sure to look for

Storytelling Workshop: recording family memories for the next generation

And we hope to see you there! Have a great week!

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