Traveling to Hungary Part 1
September 10, 2022
Hungarian Living
Traveling to Hungary Part 1

Episode 66

Hello hello! It’s another icipici series on the Hungarian Living podcast. This time we focus on Traveling to Hungary! What do you need to know? Even if you have visited to Hungary before, we are talking about important things like passports, travelers insurance, credit cards and local currency, flights, phone plans, and all the ways it might be helpful to prepare for travel, so stick around!

This is part 1 of the icipici series of Traveling to Hungary. And if you are planning to take one of our tours to Hungary or Transylvania or you are doing your own thing, we will be covering some important things to consider as you plan your trip.

But first, I just want to say how exciting it is to see all the countries that are represented in our podcast statistics. Of course, we always expect listeners from the United States and Canada because there are so many, many people with Hungarian heritage in these countries. But we also have listeners in Hungary, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, China, and many more! It’s so exciting see where our listeners are listening from and hear from them! We love it!

So, let’s talk about travel!

My first question for you is:  Do you have a passport? If not, and you want to travel internationally, don’t wait any longer to apply! It takes a little time to work through the process. There is a link in the show notes with all the details on how to apply! It isn’t complicated but it takes a little time. So get moving on that.

If you already have a passport, do you know where your passport is? If you have recently moved or purged, you might have set your passport in a safe place. In fact, I need to make sure I know where mine is because I haven’t needed it for years. Ugh. And we did just move. I know exactly where it was in the old house but in this house? Hm. I need to think about it for a moment. I can’t say I can put my fingers on it in the next 5 minutes. Be sure you know where your passport is!

When does your passport expire? It is very important to know the expiration date when you are making travel plans. For example, let’s say you have a passport that expires on August 1, 2023. You might think that you can travel internationally and then be back by mid July 2023 and everything is great. Nope! You need a 6 month cushion on your passport. So, before you even think about traveling, get ahold of a passport if you don’t already have one. If you have a passport, make sure you know where it is? And be sure to double check the expiration date of your passport.

Are you planning to travel with a buddy? Don’t forget to talk to them about their passport, too! You want to be ready to travel when the opportunity arises, and the stress of passport delays or extra fees are no fun! Alright, we covered enough for today. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Icipici edition of the Hungarian Living Podcast all about Traveling to Hungary.

Would you like more information on our upcoming Zoom chat about our tours? It’s free and there is no obligation to sign up for a tour. It’s a just a way for you to meet us and see if our tour structure is something that works for you! Email [email protected] for a link to the next session coming up this month!

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast, we also have Icipici podcasts on Getting Started with Genealogy and Getting Started with Hungarian. Be sure to check them out wherever you listen to podcasts!

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