Walnut Torte – Dios Torta
February 9, 2020

Here is what my mom had to say about this recipe:

This was my Mother’s recipe. It was her special presentation when we had American guests. My mother was also born here in America but she certainly instilled a great desire in me to know more about my heritage.  Good luck, good eating, and be good enough not to talk about the number  of calories in each piece. ~ Elizabeth A. Szabo

RECIPE: Nut Torte and Filling

12 egg yolks Filling
12 T powdered sugar
1 lb. Baker’s Sweet chocolate
8 T ground walnuts
1 lb. Sweet butter
6 T cake flour
1 lb. Powdered sugar
12 egg whites
4 or 5 egg yolks

Method of mixing

Beat yolks until a very light cream color. This is most important since you do not have baking powder in recipe. Beat to a fluffy and creamy consistency. Add gradually the very well sifted powdered sugar. Now FOLD in the ground nuts and then the well sifted cake flour, then the stiff (but not dry) whites. You will need a large bowl for this very fluffy batter.


Line pans with parchment paper, or cut ordinary white store paper to fit your pans. For this recipe, do not use buttered/floured pans. This will give you a gummy bottom or a slight film no matter how sparingly you do it. This cake is really a “sponge” type and best results are with paper linings for pans. Three large layers are moister than four thinner layers. Oven at 350 for about twenty-two minutes. Paper pulls off easier while cake is still slightly warm.


Melt chocolate with about two T of water. Let cool while you are creaming butter and sugar. Cream (fluff) the sweet butter, add gradually the well sifted powdered sugar, add a yolk at a time and cream well. Add melted chocolate and beat to a fluff. Add flavoring. When cake is cool spread thick between layers and on top and sides. Cover all generously with ground nuts.

Filling must never have a sugary taste. To obtain a smooth filling use either less sugar or more yolks. Place cake in refrigerator to set. Keep in refrigerator when not in use, but give it a chance to soften up before serving so that filling will not be too hard.

Almond flavoring is delicious, but do not use too much as it makes the butter bitter.

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