FREE Genealogy Jump Start Pre-work Series
January 27, 2023
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Need time and motivation to focus on your family research project? Join us for our FREE Genealogy Jump Start Pre-Work Series. Believe it or not, dedicating even just 1 hour a week will result in progress. This part of the Genealogy Jump Start is free. In May, we invite you to enroll in our Genealogy Jump Start class (it will start in July) so you can continue to make steady progress.

Why are we offering a free class?

We always have folks who are in various stages of their family research wondering what they should do next. Some have not started, some have been doing it for years, and some have started and stopped because they don’t know for sure what they need to do. But, everyone has things they can be working on, no matter where they are in the process. In fact, even if you have been working on genealogy for a few years, you might hear a new angle that is worth your time to explore! This pre-work series sets the stage for you to set aside regular time to work on your family research projects.

Once you tell me you want to participate, we will send you a survey to fill out and return. This will let us know where you are and what you hope to accomplish. Request the survey by emailing [email protected] — be sure to fill it out and send it back right away.

Once we receive your survey, we will give you the next steps. Expect regular assignments, tips, and hints that will help you make progress. The key to your success is that you have to set aside the time to do the work. Are you ready? These pre-work assignments are in preparation for our July Genealogy Jump Start class and there is no charge for this pre-work series. Even if you don’t think you can be a part of the class in July, I encourage you to participate in this part of the process because it will help you move forward in your research.

Do you know someone else with Hungarian ancestry who needs some encouragement to get going on their family research, invite them to participate, too! Just have them email me at [email protected] to tell me they want to join in on our Genealogy Jumpstart Pre-work Series. The pace will be slow and easy, but even small steps will add up to progress!

Starting in July 2023, we will host our Genealogy Jump Start class. Enrollment will open in May.

Email [email protected] to register for the FREE Genealogy Jump Start Pre-work Series!

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