Hungarian Christmas Carol Project
November 22, 2022

I suspect there are many aging Hungarian speakers in the US either homebound, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. I would like to encourage you to get 3 or more people together who enjoy singing (they don’t even have to be Hungarian) consider learning and singing a few Hungarian Christmas carols this Christmas season for people who might truly appreciate them.

Several years ago our Hungarian instructor asked if we would be willing to go Christmas caroling for an elderly Hungarian woman who lives in a nursing home in our community and speaks very limited English. We were invited to sing a few Christmas carols to the residents last year too and we passed out some szaloncukor too! There isn’t a large population of Hungarian speakers in Evansville, IN. This sweet woman resides in the Evansville area to be near family but they don’t speak any Hungarian and she is in OK physical health but has Alzheimer’s. It was a great opportunity to practice singing Hungarian Christmas carols but also share something special for someone who only hears Hungarian when our instructor visits her.

It was amazing to hear this precious woman sing along all of the verses of every song we sang from memory!

Here are the Hungarian Christmas Carols we sang and I would recommend you start off with:

Mennyből az Angyal


Pásztorok, Pásztorok

and Csendes éj (Silent Night)

We do have sheet music for Hungarian Christmas carols — you can purchase them HERE. We also carry several Hungarian Christmas cards with Hungarian Christmas carols HERE.

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