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September 27, 2021

Learning Hungarian is a fun and interesting challenge. I heard Hungarian all through the years that I lived at home. But, I didn’t actively start learning it until about 10 years ago. And my efforts were spotty. A week or two here or there is great, but I need a regular routine. So, now I am in a one hour class that meets each week and I do extra things to keep the language around me.

Below are the Hungarian words from the front and back cover of our latest catalog. These are definitely some useful words and phrases to know if you don’t know them already. Maybe we will add an audio file so you can hear how they are pronounced if you don’t know how to pronounce the Hungarian alphabet yet. If you want a little help with that, CLICK HERE to check out our Learning the Hungarian Alphabet video on YouTube.

How many of these words and phrases do you know? We’d love to hear in the comments!

The 2021-2022 Hungarian Living Catalog Front Cover



egy – one

kettő – two

három – three

négy – four

öt – five

hat – six

hét – seven

nyolc – eight

kilenc – nine

tíz – ten


piros – red

fehér – white

zöld – green

kék – blue

lila – purple

sárga – yellow

barna – brown

fekete – black

Fruits & Vegetables

alma – apple

banán – banana

citrom – lemon

eper – strawberry

körte – pear

málna – raspberry

meggy – meggy

narancs – orange

szilva – plum

gomba – mushroom

kukorica – corn

paprika – pepper

uborka – cucumber


kutya – dog

macska – cat

tehén – cow

ló – horse

disznó – pig

Commonly Used Phrases

Jó reggelt – Good morning

Jó napot – Good afternoon

Jó estét – Good evening

jó éjszakát – Good night

Szép almokat – Sweet dreams

Mi újság? – What’s new?

Hogy vagy? – How are you?

Hova mész? – Where are you going?

Mit csinálsz? – What are you doing?

Mit kérsz? – What do you want?

Honnan jössz? – Where are you from?

Egz pillanat – One moment

Még egyszer – One more time

Isten hozott – Welcome (literally, “God brought you”)

Gratulálok – Congratulations

Jó étvágyat – Enjoy your meal

Jó utat – Have a good trip.

Viszontlátásra – Goodbye (literally, “See you later”)



Commonly Used Phrases (Continued)

The 2021-2022 Hungarian Living Catalog Back Cover


Cheers! To your health!

Please (as in “Go ahead”

Pardon me (as an apology)

Excuse me (as in “May I ask you a question?”)




I don’t know.



Thank you.

I love you.

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