Genealogy Episode Roundup!
October 14, 2022
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A frequent topic at Hungarian Living is genealogy research, especially since we have spent so much time working on it ourselves. Below, we compiled a list of all genealogy episodes of the Hungarian Living Podcast. Just click the title of the episode, which has a link, and you can listen and share with a friend or family member! You can also find the Hungarian Living Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

In addition to two other longer episodes on genealogy, recently we released an 8-part icipici series of the Hungarian Living Podcast called “Getting Started with… Genealogy!” Icipici is a Hungarian way of saying itty bitty. There will be several icipici assignments relating to genealogy in the episodes below and, if you take a few moments to write down the answers, when all are done you will have laid some important groundwork for your genealogy research. You will have documented what you already know, and you will also have a better sense of what might be good to know.

Consider inviting a family member along on this journey. You can encourage each other to answer the questions and share it with one another. The best news is that this is not limited to Hungarian heritage. The questions here apply to anyone who wants to get a start on recording more about their family details.

Regular episodes

Hungarian Genealogy with Les Josa, Episode 35: In this episode of the Hungarian Living podcast, I visit with Laszlo Les Josa about genealogy research. If you are at the beginning of your research or you have been doing this for years, Laszlo makes it clear that there are always new things to learn! 

Genealogy Adventures, Episode 45: Since we have been conducting genealogy research ourselves, in this episode Liz goes into some challenges and successes she’s experienced while conducting genealogy research.

Icipici series

Part 1, Episode 50: This first part of the series contains a brief introduction and basic questions that have to be answered before starting your genealogy research!

Part 2, Episode 51: After answering the questions in the first part, you have to begin to get into the details. This episode explains what questions need to be answered about your ancestors!

Part 3, Episode 52: Historically, many religious organizations have kept detailed records of births, marriages, and deaths. That’s why this episode covers the importance of writing down your antecedent’s religious affiliation.

Part 4, Episode 53: This episode’s homework is for you to track down the birth and death locations of the people you listed, which is another basic step in genealogy research!

Part 5, Episode 54: The assignment from this episode is to track down the full names and birthdates of your maternal and paternal grandparents. In fact, write down anything you know about them!

Part 6, Episode 55: While genealogy research often focuses on people who left us long ago, don’t forget to reach out to your living relatives to talk about what they know! It’s very possible that someone else in your family tree is doing genealogy research as well.

Part 7, Episode 56: Frequently, families immigrating to the US “Americanize” the spelling of their names (EX. Szabó -> Sabo), or during government record keeping their names are incorrectly written down. This episode is all about these types of changes!

Part 8, Episode 57: In the final episode of the series, Liz talks about next steps in genealogy research. Now that you have some basic information, how do you continue the search? Listen to find out!

We hope these episodes help encourage you on your genealogy research. There are so many resources out there! Even though there are times when it can hit a roadblock, the discoveries you will make about your family history are worth the effort.

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