Language Learning Podcast Episode Roundup!
October 23, 2022

Learning any new language is so rewarding, but it can be challenging. In this post, we present all of the podcast episodes that we’ve created about learning Hungarian for the Hungarian Living Podcast podcast. Some of these tips are relevant for any language you’re interested in learning!

Just click the title of the episode, which has a link, and you can listen and share with a friend or family member! You can also find the Hungarian Living Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

In addition to the first episode about the opportunities that we have for language learning at Hungarian Living, we recently released an 8-part icipici series of the Hungarian Living Podcast called “Getting Started with… Hungarian!” Icipici is a Hungarian way of saying itty bitty. There will be several icipici assignments relating to Hungarian language learning in the episodes below and when all are done you will have laid some important groundwork for your language learning.

Consider inviting a family member or friend along on this journey. A vital part of language learning is to practice, practice, practice!

If you are interested in joining one of our Hungarian language lessons, please contact [email protected] and let us know. We have daytime and evening classes as well as classes at a variety of levels.

Regular Episodes

Episode 17, Dialogue Sessions with Anna Hamp: In this episode, Liz visits with Anna Hamp, one of our instructors for online Hungarian lessons and our instructor for Hungarian Dialogue sessions.

Episode 38, Hungarian Language Learning Opportunities: We offer Hungarian language, history, and genealogy classes – but in this episode of the podcast we focus on our Hungarian language learning opportunities.

Icipici Episodes: Getting Started with… Hungarian!

Part 1, Episode 58: In this episode, Liz encourages you to start your Hungarian learning journey by documenting your goals and considering a series of questions about what you might already know.

Part 2, Episode 59: In part 2, Liz explains that you need to ask yourself the questions “how, how often, and when” you’d like to study Hungarian, and provides some tips and tricks for immersing yourself in a new language.

Part 3, Episode 60: While the Hungarian alphabet looks intimidating, the best part about it is that it’s phonetic, which means the letters are pronounced the same every time, unlike in English. Listen to this episode for more information on the alphabet!

Part 4, Episode 61: There are so many resources for learning Hungarian. In this episode, Liz dives into a number of resources she has, and what has helped in her language-learning journey.

Part 5, Episode 62: Hungarian teacher Anna Hamp joins with Liz to give tips about how to pronounce Hungarian, which can be tricky at first.

Part 6, Episode 63: In this episode, again with guest Hungarian Teacher Anna Hamp, they talk about 1. the importance of vowel harmony 2. gender (or lack of it) in Hungarian and 3. how Hungarian has changed over the years.

Part 7, Episode 64: How do you pronounce common phrases in Hungarian, like “good morning,” “thank you,” and “cheers?” Hungarian teacher Anna Hamp demonstrates how to say these common phrases!

Part 8, Episode 65: In the last episode of this icipici series, Liz talks about some of her favorite resources for practicing Hungarian, such as listening to music or Duolingo.

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