Challenge Recipes for 2018
December 23, 2019

2018 was the first year for the Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge and we tried a wide variety of recipes! Click on the dish to see the recipe the participants were directed to.

January 2018   Hungarian Cheese Biscuits — Pogácsa  These gems can be made miniature or regular sized. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle with herbs, cheese, or add in little bacon bites. These are typically an appetizer or snack in Hungary and they go wonderfully with a glass of palinka or wine!

February 2018  Thin Pancakes — Palacsinta  Somehow I fell into the habit of making traditional American pancakes when we were raising our family. Once time, my brother was visiting and he was mortified that I had not been teaching the kids how to make palacsinta. He took it upon himself to solve that problem!

March 2018  Soft Cheese Spread — Körözött   I didn’t grow up eating körözött but it is so easy to make and a fantastic appetizer! I love it!

April 2018   Layered Potatoes — Rakott Krumpli This is a family favorite! If you are trying to do the low carb thing you can substitute cauliflower for the potatoes and it is also delicious!

May 2018 — Chicken Paprikás  This is a well known dish both in and out of Hungary. But watch out, some restaurants in Hungary are bored with the simplicity of the dish and they try to reinvent it! All ages loves this dish!

June 2018 — Sour Cherry Soup  Cold fruit soups are common in Hungary. This recipe involves sour cherries but I have been served soup with blackberries and raspberries so use your imagination and what is in season!

July 2018 — Stuffed Peppers — Töltött Paprikás  I love stuffed peppers because I love the peppers. My mom always made extra meatballs for my brother who does not like peppers. But when you have leftover sauce with this dish — use it as pizza sauce and out it on the crust! You will be amazed at how great it makes your pizza!

Extra Credit — Bacon Fry — Szalonnasütés  Summer fun! This is something I didn’t grow up doing regularly but we have restarted the tradition with our adult kids and they love it!

August 2018 — Cook’s Choice Lángos OR Krémes (or be crazy and do both!) These are both well known and loved in Hungary.

September 2018 — Dobos Torta or other Torta Layered cakes take a little extra time and focus but the taste is amazing so it is worth trying out a few!

October 2018 — Cheese Sticks — Sajtos rúd     These are lovely appetizers or snacks!

November 2018 — Walnut Roll — Dios Beigli   Christmas and Easter just aren’t the same without a walnut roll!

December 2018 — Sour Cream Twists  My Aunt Dorothy always made these and now her great-grandchildren make them too! I love that my cousin, Mark, is continuing the tradition with his grandkids!

Bonus — Mulled Wine — Forralt Bor  I love visiting Hungary during festival season in the Fall and Winter because there are always plenty of opportunities for mulled wine. It is spectacular if you use honey instead of sugar!

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